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Of time series and ticks

With so much attention on ticks and Lyme disease – there must be lots of long term datasets, right?! A guest post by RIT student Sofie Christie Continue reading

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Passive crowdsourcing- finding the data that people don’t know they’re creating

I have a new paper out! You can read it:¬†Predicting plant attractiveness to pollinators with passive crowdsourcing.1 A while back, my colleague, Doug Landis, was searching the web for pictures of flowers for ¬†a project about native plants, and noticed … Continue reading

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A fundamental difference of opinion

If you had told me as a child that one day, I would be an entomologist writing a scathing retort to a New England Journal of Medicine Editorial, I probably wouldn’t believe you. First, I’d be confused because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Spreading the open science love like it’s my job because it is my job.

So, this happened. Apparently, yelling into the void about data management and reproducibility is a very good way to get yourself onto a rag-tag team of open-science proto-superheroes.1 Yes, that’s right, I’m a Mozilla Science fellow, and together, baby, we’re … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the field: scattered thoughts edition

-When the bugs you’re hoping to count don’t show up for your field experiment, that sucks. But it’s also data that says maybe you’re not asking a question that’s relevant to the system. And maybe there’s other questions you need … Continue reading

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#Otherpeoplesdata don’t always look like data- a tale of soybean aphid and scouting records

One of the challenges we face in my field is that there is precious little data documenting small numbers of bugs. In agricultural entomology, especially when you’re dealing with pest insects, we worry much more about too many insects than … Continue reading

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Dealing with dates as data in Excel

This post is not about dating, as in romantic entanglements, although lots of scientists I know collect data on the dates they go on.* But like dates of the human variety, dealing with dates, as in those pesky things that … Continue reading

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