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Hi! I'm Christie and I'm an applied ecologist and postdoc in the midwestern US. I am an #otherpeoplesdata wrangler, stats enthusiast, and, of course, a bug counter. I cohabitate with five other vertebrates: one spouse, one preschooler, one teeny baby and two cats.

Soft(ware) skills

In case you’ve been missing hearing my voice in your head, I had a post published over at the Data Carpentry blog today.

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Inference and being wrong in a post-truth era

There’s been a confluence of recent events that have got me thinking about truth and facts. First of all, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we move forward, as scientists when there’s this steaming mess going on.  Secondly, there’s been … Continue reading

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Back to it!

Oh, hey you! Blog. I missed you. I’ve been busy.  Here’s, in general, what I’ve been up to, in the form of an annotated git contribution log: I’m working on getting back into a groove, which will involve some more posts … Continue reading

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Some Mozilla Science Fellowship FAQ

You still have 14 days to submit your application for the Mozilla Fellows for Science! I’ve been putting the call out there on my networks, and there is lots of interest from the community. I’ve had a lot of questions, … Continue reading

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Reflections: My ride on the Mozilla Fellow Ship

I’m just shy of two months from wrapping my Mozilla Fellowship for Science. It has been an amazing ride. I’ve traveled more than I have in my life,1 met amazing people, and I got to design, build and teach the … Continue reading

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Open Sourcing my fellowship app

The call for the second class of Mozilla Fellows for Science is open! I thought it might be helpful to the community if I opened up the application I sent in last year. Richard, a fellow fellow (HA! this will … Continue reading

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Passive crowdsourcing- finding the data that people don’t know they’re creating

I have a new paper out! You can read it: Predicting plant attractiveness to pollinators with passive crowdsourcing.1 A while back, my colleague, Doug Landis, was searching the web for pictures of flowers for  a project about native plants, and noticed … Continue reading

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